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AUM Productions - Festival

AUM are Some of the most open, most beautiful festivals you have ever been too... what, you haven't been? Connect with them for their next event! This year we saw them bring legends Deep Forest and the NYE festival was family friendly and had that nostalgic vibe a festival should bring, with a sense of community and oneness. 

We got to help out on creating some new content on their multi-music, family friendly direction they are heading and we we cant wait for the next one.


If you haven't heard of BODY FX in Morningside, Auckland, now you knot! If you love dressing up and getting glittery, this is your place. They are passionate about what they do, body art, body make up and SFX... they also put on the creepiest event of the year last year HELL HORROR FEST NZ, which was at ASB stadium this year. Our job was to get the media humming and organised, on site and on time, and it was truly horrible.

BIO - GLITTER... something that is close to my earth is looking after it! Yes, most glitter is plastic based, it's micro-beads for the land and the sea. BODY FX are working with Bio-Glitter to bring in a plant based alternative. It still needs to be washed off and used carefully, but, it's not fossil fuels, biodegrades in the water and it is not harmful if ingested unlike plastic.

I can also give your organisation an awesome discount (20%) if you email us about it! 

Kog Studio

Integrity Promo has been a huge part of Kog Studio Since 2005. We came on board as an in-house promotion team, creating publicity, press releases, artist liaison and promotion for the Studio ventures.

One of our key goals was to transition Kog from a label and recording studio, to a Mastering Studio and we had a strategic plan to create this. Within a year, this has been achieved and now Kog is known as a top quality music studio with a heavy role in creating quality mastering for both New Zealand and International markets.


We also gave a huge promotion boost around the fact that Kog is the only studio accredited to provide iTunes with Mastered for iTunes standard. We were part of the acclaimed 'Restoring Music' project in association with Recorded Music, managing the social media and website for the project alongside the studio promotion.

Sundaise Festival

We have been working as a promotion booster and with strategy advice for Sundaise Festival since its first event in 2011, on a wet field in Katikati. From helping with artist contracts to general logistics, our experience in both evtns planning and music made it an easy fit and a created a smooth working relationship.

One of main roles has been to boost the promotion through our radio contacts and through our quick and efficient content writing skills. We get a press release out to the main media in a short amount of time with excellent results.


We also provided Sundaise with Social media strategies as well as database and network assistance. On our advice they also switched their website programme to be flexible and easily updated through the platform, which is a great asset to events and creative ventures.


Gearshoot is a revolutionary online platform for Studio Engineers to demo and compare gear in real time without having to borrow or purchase the often expensive equipment. We have been working with them since prototype stage and now they are ready to launch internationally which is our next step with the team.

One of our roles has been to provide advice on content, strategy, social media and style of their online presence.

We are also involved in the international launch campaign which will be targeting a worldwide audience in a very niche market. We're also here to create exciting ideas and event opportinities to draw in investors and a creative approach to an often mechanical type industry.

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