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Kia ora, hey you there... yes you.

You are wonderful and the world needs people like you.

Before you read on, please note the following... we are here to help you to get set up, to Review-Refine and Release with you for your creative project. If we had a definite #1 formula, we would be retired by now. :)

A Publicist IS - an advice line - a friend (aunty) - a strategist - a database connector - a voice on your behalf - a gatherer of information - an idea generator - a systems executor - and also we sit in between you and the media and work super hard to help you get heard faster. We can get you heard faster! This is what we definitely do. 


Our aim is that you leave us with a clear path forward and feel empowered as to how this stuff all works.

A Publicist IS NOT - a magician who can influence everyone in the industry - able to sit on the phone every night and day and hound them to play you music or go to your event - telepathic about what you are doing with your music and please remember, we are not trying to ruin your career by 'not doing things'.

We actually give a sh*t about your career and you as a creative - we are creatives too!

Unfortunately, we do not know what the end game will be, we are here to help you get the best out of your project, we are also super reasonable $$ wise and if you are kind to us, we always throw in more of our hearts.

The difference between us and other promotion companies is we are totally transparent in what we do, when we do it and the results we get. We do not charge for initial meetings or helping with strategy or advice. We will let you know who has play listed your tune, how many hours we spent on the website and the next steps, but please be patient, this can take time as all media get hounded in out little island nation.


Fees and other costings

If you master your tracks at Kog, you get a sweet discount! Please inquire :)

Press Releases - can be created for you for $100 + GST, long and short form and content for online

Radio Only - $500 + GST for an 8 week campaign - this is suited for artists that have released before.

Single servicing package - $850 + GST

E.P. starts at $1200 + GST, additional fees applies or we can talk if there are aspects you have sorted

Album  is $1600 - $2000 + GST


We do prefer that we have serviced a single at least, but we can include this in the promotion if needed.

If its a new artist/group and have some live happenings around this release, this is a great help.

We are with you for 12 weeks on this project. 

Tour Promotion - we like to do a couple of hours per spot, again we prefer a single to at least be serviced before the tour promotion starts, makes it a more successful campaign. This is a per hour fee - please inquire.

Websites start at $400 + GST, not including subscriptions (we use the system)

Graphic Design - Huia is super experienced, this can be done for $50 per hour, just let us know what you need!

If you want us to organise some advertising (we have a 10% fee on top of campaign) , send to blogs, or set up your website, just ask and we can tailor a package that suits you! Sending to radio or writing blogs is not for everyone, so we are super flexible in how we work and also how we charge for our time.


We always do more as we are proud of our clients and what they do!

Contact if you have any questions.

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