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Give it up for Summer!

Give it up for Summer!

How did your summer go? Was it as massive as ours? Get yourself sorted now... we can handle the strategy so you can get heard faster, holla at us!

Music Promo

Music Promo

Our Integrity team would love to help YOU with your Music Release or Small Business Boost. Rip Off Free Zone without the B.S. Contact us for friendly chat today & sign up for a $50 credit. Sweet!

Publicity Made Easy

Publicity Made Easy

We are dedicated Publicists with over a decade of experience in all areas of music and small business. Boost what you do today!

Get sorted with our artist checklist

Get sorted with our artist checklist

Easy, fun, straight up promotion

haere mai, WElcome to integrity promotion

we are an experienced team of promotion experts and content writers, ready to help you release your music, or promote your event.

HERE'S WHAT WE can do for you!



We have a 40 point checklist to really, 

truly get your sorted for the future! This includes checking out your online presence, making sure you have everything ready such as getting your press pack together.



We have been sending out music and promoting in Aotearoa (NZ) for over 10 years. This means, we are able to connect with the media faster than most artists and event managers, because they know us and they know we send is relevant to them! This is how we get you heard faster!



Here is where we work with you to get your online platforms sorted. We are here to chat to, to support and make sure your whole artist pack or event schedule is locked in.



At this stage, we are ready to send out your Music to our Media, Radio, Online stations to generate as much as we can around your release. Here is where we get your tour interviews locked in too.

So what's your next step...

Sign up and

get starteD

contact us for a friendly chat


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